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Do you have an estate plan? If you do, when was it last reviewed by a qualified attorney? If you do not, regardless of age, marital status or level of wealth, do not delay in its preparation. To discuss your individual estate planning needs with a knowledgeable Walnut Creek attorney, contact the Law Offices of M. Franklin Parrish today.

Estate Planning for

Married Clients

We assist married couples in avoiding unnecessary income and estate taxes, as well as probate, through the creation of revocable living trusts as well as irrevocable trusts, asset protection trusts, and drafting of additional estate planning documents. California is a community property state. We counsel married couples in understanding how community property titling is different from joint tenancy and how titling affects an estate plan. Read More

Estate Planning for

Single Clients

We provide services to single clients, same-sex couples, single parents, and unmarried couples in developing effective estate and trust plans that assure privacy and are appropriate to their unique situations. We aid clients in the creation of revocable living trusts as well as drafting additional necessary documents, including wills, durable powers of attorney, advance health care directives and assignments. Read More

Estate Planning for

Same Sex Clients

For same sex couples there is not a great deal of literature, either in the popular press or in legal publications addressing the issue of, for lack of a better term, “alternative lifestyle estate planning”. The purpose of this article is to briefly address certain major issues applicable to same sex couples, as well as opposite sex couples living outside of what the law recognizes as a traditional marriage. Read More



After a client has died, we assist family members and fiduciaries (i.e., Executors, Trustees) in the proper administration of trusts and other estate settlement documents to fulfill the goals of the client’s estate plan.

We will also provide Medicare and medical planning services in “special needs” cases for elderly clients, disabled clients, and their care givers. It may also be necessary to Attorney image consider long-term care insurance and the establishment of a “special needs trusts,” and irrevocable trusts. From years of experience, Franklin Parrish understands “The most difficult estate planning decisions are personal in nature,” (i.e., selection of a successor trustee, guardian, as well as, decisions regarding asset division, and any distributions from Trusts).

Even if you believe your existing estate plan is accurate, recent changes in state and federal laws, in your personal circumstances, or in the circumstances of an individual associated with your estate plan may have rendered your estate planning documents out of date. Everyone should have documentation reviewed, updated, and completed by a qualified estate planning lawyer. Read More