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Do you have an estate plan? If you do, when was it last reviewed by a qualified attorney? If you do not, regardless of age, marital status or level of wealth, do not delay in its preparation. To discuss your individual estate planning needs with a knowledgeable Walnut Creek attorney, contact the Law Offices of M. Franklin Parrish today.

Walnut Creek Estate Planning Attorney for Same-Sex Couples

Recent changes in federal law have greatly impacted the ability of same-sex couples to protect their rights more adequately through proper estate planning. Having different documents, such as guardianships, health care directives, wills and trusts in place will help protect your rights and your family’s future.

Contact the Walnut Creek, California, Law Offices of M. Franklin Parrish for answers to your same-sex couple estate planning questions.

Walnut Creek Attorney Creating Wills and Trusts for Same-Sex Couples

At our law firm, we have been helping same-sex couples with their estate planning needs for years. If you have questions regarding how to properly plan for your future, we can help. From guardianships and health care directives to wills and more complex trusts, you can rely on us to prepare your estate, no matter the size.

We will also answer your difficult questions regarding:

  • How to qualify for identical benefits that a heterosexual couple would receive?
  • How to protect the privacy of your estate plan?
  • How to access your partner’s assets in the event of a catastrophe?

Recent Changes in DOMA Could Affect Your Plan

With the recent Supreme Court decision surrounding the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), there are many important changes that could directly affect your estate plan as a same-sex couple. By consulting with our experienced team, you can be sure that your plan is as solid as it can be.

Contact an Experienced Attorney for Guidance With Your Same-Sex Estate Planning Needs

For more than 30 years, we have been assisting clients with their estate planning needs. If you have questions regarding your estate plan as a same-sex couple, do not hesitate to contact our  Walnut Creek law firm.