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Do you have an estate plan? If you do, when was it last reviewed by a qualified attorney? If you do not, regardless of age, marital status or level of wealth, do not delay in its preparation. To discuss your individual estate planning needs with a knowledgeable Walnut Creek attorney, contact the Law Offices of M. Franklin Parrish today.

Walnut Creek Attorney for Trust Administration

When a Trust has been established as part of a comprehensive estate plan and its creator (i.e., the Settlor/Grantor dies), Post-Mortem Trust Administration becomes necessary. At the Walnut Creek, California, Law Offices of M. Franklin Parrish, we assist Successor Trustees in proper Trust administration to meet the desired goals of the Settlor.

If you are in need of an effective trust administration attorney to guide you in your fiduciary duties, contact us today.

Post-Mortem Trust Administration Services Throughout California

There are a series of matters that need to be addressed in order to ensure trust administration is done properly and according to the wishes of the deceased settlor (person who created the trust). We offer clear, orderly and easily accessible legal expertise to clients making this process as simple as possible.

We also offer guidance to fiduciaries in the Walnut Creek area regarding the analysis of estate planning documents, appraisal of existing assets, and filing of necessary state and federal income tax returns. We assist trustees in the transfer of title and allocation of assets between various trusts, including:

  • Survivor’s Trust
  • QTIP Trust
  • Family Bypass Trust
  • Children’s Trusts

Different types of trusts are created with various objectives. Revocable living trusts and irrevocable trusts are established when the settlor is still alive. By comparison, a testamentary trust comes into effect upon death, and is contained in a will. Such latter form of trust does not avoid probate because it is part of a will and becomes a public document. Depending upon the type of trust, the duties of the trustee may vary. At the Law Offices of M. Franklin Parrish, we can assist you in achieving the unique objective of the relevant trust by guiding you in meeting your fiduciary obligations.

Trust Funding Issues

If a Trust had not been properly funded while the settlor was alive, this may cause major difficulties for the trustee during the administration process. Another name for “funding” is titling of assets in the name of the trust. Take proper steps now to ensure that your estate planning is done correctly, and avoid probate and other obstacles for successor trustees and beneficiaries later on in the process.

In addition to post-mortem trust administration services, we also provide legal advice in married client estate planning and single client estate planning.

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Contact an attorney at our Walnut Creek, California, office. We want to make the post-mortem trust administration process as simple and efficient as possible.Franklin Parrish has practiced law for more than 30 years. Trust our experience to work for your benefit.

d also achieve personal estate planning objectives.

In the United States, married couples in 2006-2008 can shelter up to $4 million from federal estate taxation with proper trust planning. Does your estate plan protect you from unnecessary federal income and estate taxes? We can help you achieve asset protection by constructing an effective estate plan.

Contact an Experienced Attorney for Married Couples Estate Planning Guidance

Every couple, regardless of the size of the estate, needs to do proper estate planning. Franklin Parrish has been practicing law for more than 30 years and is highly regarded in the field of estate planning law. Contact the San Francisco Bay Area Law Offices of M. Franklin Parrish to discuss asset protection, as well as personal and tax planning objectives with a knowledgeable attorney.