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M. Franklin Parrish

“Frank, Thank you again and again for your kindness, patience, generosity and expertise during the preparation of my Estate Plan. I really appreciate your kind words and how gracious you were of my daughter who attended our conferences. You and your staff are “great”…..”

“Mr. Parrish, you really have a gift for making unfamiliar and complicated estate planning topics concise and understandable…”

“Dear Frank: Thank you for your patience in answering all of our Will and Trust questions. We would recommend you to anyone in need of an excellent estate planning attorney…”

“Mr. Parrish: Thank you for using your diagrams to explain how our new Trust operates. A picture is worth a thousand words. In thirty  (30) years of working with attorneys, no one has ever clarified issues the way you do…”

“Frank: Thank you for your letters of explanation. They are so well written they make the estate plan much easier to understand and to explain to our children…”

“Mr. Parrish: After three (3) decades of working with you, I have never met a more knowledgeable and understanding estate planning attorney. Please never retire…”

 Dear Frank: Following my Husband’s death I truly felt lost. I did not know what to do. With patience and understanding you helped to guide me through all of the estate planning documents you drafted and saved me thousands of tax dollars. Thank you for all of your good work…”